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Instructor Training Course


The Instructor Qualification Scheme is designed at four levels and is intended for use in conjunction with development on the practical aspects of a given martial art. The Qualification is open only to those currently practicing a martial art due to the practical nature of many of the modules and the related components within a module. The course may be attended in person or by correspondence.

Due to the nature of the course and the opportunities for the practical aspects to be practised there are minimum entry requirements related to each level with the The Instructor Qualification Scheme.

The Levels within The Instructor Qualification Scheme all take place on a modular basis. A student may join a course at the beginning of any new module and clock up the credits for the course in any given order.

Any work given to a student to complete must be produced within the given timeframe unless given special dispensation by the course instructor.

All related coursework will be handed in at the end of each module and returned to the student after checking. Some sections may require further input or may need to be repeated.

All sections within a module must be completed to attain a module. A module will only be deemed as completed once signed off by the course instructor.

All modules must be completed to the satisfaction of the course instructor for the qualification to be achieved.

Level 1 - Class Instructor / Instructor

Level 2 - Club Instructor / Senior Instructor

Level 3 - Group Head / Chief Instructor

Level 4 - Head of Association / Governing Body