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The Isami Ryu Team


Dave is the Chief Instructor of Isami Ryu Martial Arts, our fitness instructor at Superfit and the storyteller at our Samurai Classes


Chief Instructor Isami Ryu Karate Jutsu
Senior Examiner (europe) Gokyo Aiki Atemi Jitsu
Principle IRMAA
Menkyo Kobujitsu

Dan Grades

Karate Jutsu         6th Dan
Aiki Jutsu             3rd Dan
Kenjutsu              3rd Dan
Atemi Jutsu          2nd Dan
Kenpo Katate       1st Dan
Brithai                  1st Dan

Other Significant grades

Ju Jitsu               1st Kyu
Kobudo               1st Kyu
Aikido                 3rd Kyu

Awards and Achivements

3-time recipient of National Awards
2-time recipient of International Awards
Represented England and Great Britain

Previous positions held

Grading Panel Black Belt International
Grading Panel BNMAA
Chair Traditional Karate Great Britain

Dave has trained and worked with many of the most prolific martial artists throughout the world including the far east. He has written many works and thesis on developement and history of martial arts and takes a great interest in the early traditions and culture of Japan.

In the wider world Dave is the Managing Director of Techplas Colours Ltd, a plastics manufacturing company in Liverpool and is very active in the local community working with Voluntary Organisations, Local Schools and in Community projects.